Dark Short film (Casting)


Set in Weston-Super-mare, this project seeks to use grit and urban aesthetic to tell a story of addiction in southern England. We’re introduced to the protagonist, a young man with an inexplicable thirst for blood.

Much like the real world purchasing of Class A drugs our protagonist is able to purchase blood on the street, by the vial. The purchasing and consumption of the vial is the only visualization of vampirism shown, the common traits of vampirism are not present.
He suffers withdrawals, again mirroring those of certain Class A drugs. Squating in the woods, he has a life below normal society besides attending Alcohol drug abuse meetings; unknown to his support workers, his addiction is different to his peers’.

Casting call:
The roles are unpaid / expenses only
(Food/ Travel)


Slim, pale, adult male, 25 – 45 yo


Slim, pale, adult male that is more experienced with this form of addiction, 25-45yo

For more info or to show interest please do contact me below or at peter@pgvideo.net with your information and a headshot